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School Information

At Malmo School "Kids Come First" in all decisions which impact student learning. We are committed to creating a safe and respectful school culture that celebrates the diversity in all of us.

 We are proud to offer the Arabic Bilingual program.  This means our students learn to be literate in Arabic and English in a safe and caring school.  This gives us diversity which strengthens us and creates successful learners and global citizens.  At Malmo you will see a positive learning environment where we nurture responsible, respectful and successful learners.

We are dedicated to providing a strong achievement focused environment where all students can experience success as learners. 

We have a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy and enrich the core curriculum with French and Arabic language instruction.

Malmo School's Arabic Bilingual Program not only serves the Malmo Community and Michener Park, but the whole city of Edmonton as well. There is bus transportation to Michener Park and most of the South side of Edmonton. Bus passes are available through the school office. Please click here to view our Transportation Boundary Map.