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Community Relationships

Our students thrive when our school and community work together. There are many ways that members of the community contribute to our students’ growth and success.

We would like to acknowledge the following community members who have helped to foster the growth and success of our students this year:

Our Community Relationships:

  • Canadian Arab Friendship Association of Edmonton
  • Greenfield School Age Day Care Association
  • Malmo Preschool
  • Edmonton Immigrant Services Association
  • Child Care - Greenfield School Age Day Care

    (Before- and After- School Care)

    Malmo school enjoys an on-site day care providing high quality childcare from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for school-aged children.

    Greenfield School Age Day Care is well respected for its innovative programming and its diverse offerings to support the social, physical, intellectual, emotional and creative growth of children in their care.

    In addition to services for school aged children, the day care provides daytime care for pre-schoolers, a service that allows a comfortable transition into the Malmo school environment for our youngest students.

    For more information, please phone 780-435-4532.

    Malmo Pre-Kindergarten is a non-profit, parent-cooperative, pre-school for children ages three to five years, located in southwest Edmonton. 

    Malmo Pre-Kindergarten promotes a learning through play environment. We believe that play enhances the growth and development of the whole child: physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. It is through play that children learn to make sense of their world.

    Malmo Pre-Kindergarten is an inclusive learning environment.  Ask us about the agencies we partner with and what accommodations can be made for your child.

    Malmo Pre-Kindergarten

    Room 15, Malmo Elementary School
    4716 - 115 Street NW
    Edmonton, AB T6H 3N8

    Phone: 780.438.0431



    EISA's English as Another Language (EAL) classes are delivered by instructors who are members of the Alberta Teachers as a Second Language (ATESL). Courses are run on a not-for-profit recovery basis, with a small fee being charged. Please be noted that our adult EAL classes do NOT provide childcare services.

    For details, please visit EISA's website at: