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School Handbook

Welcome to Malmo School – our students (and their families) registered here have chosen to be part of an exciting and rewarding journey! Students and staff are part of a learning community committed to high levels of learning for all. Our staff will lay the foundation of a professional learning community focusing intently on four critical questions:

1. What do we want all students to know?
2. How will we know whether they have learned what we intended?
3. What will we do if they haven’t learned it?
4. How will we deepen and extend student learning if they already know what we intend for them to learn?

We will be guided by the Alberta Program of studies and standards established by the Alberta Program of Studies by the province. We will use learning results to guide and inform our decisions about programming and classroom practice as we work with clear intentions to meet the needs of all students. A school-wide system of interventions will be developed and will require a collaborative culture with everyone “in”: a school culture in which staff members work together to provide each student with access to essential learning outcomes and a culture in which the growth of each student is assessed in a way that is timely, authentic and consistent. As we continue our work this year, we will be paying particular attention to ensuring we communicate effectively about student learning. This is an area where parents, as partners in learning, will be important participants in our growing community. The information contained in this resource provides a common reference point for our work together as a learning community. All families are asked to read the handbook together with care.

2020-2021 Parent Handbook


School Emergency Plans

Please click link below to learn more about emergency school procedures, where to find information and how to reunite with your child after an emergency. 


Emergencies at your child's school